ZOO @ 2014-01-12


The weather was fine today so we went to the zoo. I’ve to admit that I broke down last week and upgraded my old Nikon D90 to a Nikon D7100. Together with the ‘Nikon AF-S 70-300’-zoom this is my favorite Zoo-setup.

Was it worth to upgrade .. hm … I can not answer this – not yet. The quality is fine but the D90 was also fine. The double in pixels to 24MP is welcome also, it gives more room for cropping, which comes in handy if the lens isn’t  long enough. To keep a long story short, the D7100 features a lot of little improvements to the D90, but The D90 is still a really good camera and I’m not sure if this upgrade was needed at all.

By the way – todays picture shows one of our cutest cheetahs at ‘Zoo-Schönbrunn’.

Enjoy it! Yours Andrew >:o)

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