Angaga Experiment | day 6


We have a break now after todays first dive so it’s a good time having a drink and rolling this blog. Todays picture – I’ve snapped in the morning – shows a big swarm of ‘Salema porgies’. Looks great if the form a swarm consisting of more than hundred head counts!

Some word to Angagas dive-base: It’s managed by Germans and if you know the famous saying ‘with Teutonic thoroughness’ it nails it down. The dive-base is well organized, well structured, clean and well maintained. People are really nice and very supportive over and under water. It’s unbelievable to find such a quality of service at ‘the end of the world’ – period!

Shark-Counter raises up to 7 now – one additional ‘Whitetip reef sharks’ :)

So this is it for today. Wish you a good day, Yours Andrew >:o)

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