London 2016

Today we started our 8 day London vacation at 2:30 in the morning … really … taxi picked us up at 4:15. 15 minutes later we arrived at Vienna’s airport where we took off to London/Heathrow at about 7:00 am. Landing at Heathrow Airport at about 9:40 London local time.

We left our luggage at ‘Kings Cross’ tube station because we had to wait until 3 pm to get into our apartment. In the meantime we picked up our ‘London Pass’ and stopped by M&M to get a ‘nose’ of this yummy chocolate smell ;)

Later we got our luggage again from ‘Kings Cross’ and moved straight to our apartment: ‘GOnative service apartments, 3 America Square, London’ and the entrance to our apartment is the only picture I took today ;)


But don’t worry – you can expect better photographically results from tomorrow on ;)

Ciao, Andrew >:o)

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