Angaga Experiment.Reloaded | day 11


Today again ‘Madivaru Mantapoint’. Last dive here went better in respect to photo-opportunities but who cares … to see living Mantas is all that counts! I’ve added some more snapshots to show you how close these charming guys move to the divers.

Sight was medium well, temperature about 28°C and maximum dive-depth of 14 meters. Oh .. yes … I’ve to add that these time I didn’t use the 8mm fish-eye but the Olympus 12-40/2.8 which was the right decision, because I couldn’t move close enough to a Manta to get usable 8mm fish-eye pictures ;)



I don’t like people sitting in the reef like the diver in the last picture but I’ve to admit that there isn’t much to break here.

In the afternoon we went to ‘Pineapple Island’ reachable by boat from Angaga Island in about 20 minutes. We had medium current and sight was medium well. Not a lot of fish but impressive stone corals in special ‘table corals’. The dive was not really relaxing and I felt cold after 40 minutes which happened the first time since we are here. The 3mm shorty I’m wearing does a good job in general.

So that’s it for today – see you again tomorrow,
Andrew >:o)

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