Angaga Experiment.Reloaded | day 9


Today in the morning we had our second dive at ‘Madivaru Manta Point’ and this time we had more luck than the last time. The manta rays came really near! One of them became exceptionally interested in me and my camera and touched the camera housing :o

All the pictures are done by the Panasonic 8mm fish-eye, so you can imagine how near the manta ray was … unbelievable, really!

By the way … sight was about 10 to 15 meter, temperature of about 28°C, maximum dive-depth was 22 meters and it took us about 50 minutes to get there by boat.

Some additional notes to todays cover-shot: At the bottom of the manta you see five suckerfishes. They dock on the mantas belly by a kind of ‘suction device’ located at the top of their head using the poor fish to get a free ride! But the manta learned that the suckerfish doesn’t like the air-bubbles produced by the divers breathing-device. So he navigates straight through the bubble-shower to drop off the suckerfishes.
Smart mantas! ;)

In the afternoon we had a second dive at Angags house-reef. Nothing special but a nice, relaxing dive. I’ve to say that we really enjoy this house-reef dives because there is so much life to discover! Today we saw a shark, a sea-turtle, two lionfishes, trumpet-fishes and a lot of different fish-swarms of all kind. Very, very enjoyable !!!




I have no flash with me, because my whole underwater-equipment is focused on big fish, like wale-sharks, mantas and sharks in general. This is why some of the pictures are not as crispy as I would like to have them ;) But net year I’ll take two flash-lights with me to be prepared for the smaller animals on the reef also!

Hope you had fun today with us!
Yours, Andrews >:o)

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