Angaga Experiment.Reloaded | day 6


Todays cover-picture shows the boat which gets us to the dive-spots. It looks a little bit rustic but the boat is very handy! In the middle of the boat the tanks are stored, to the left and right side people can sit. The roof protects against sun and can be used for sunbathing if you climb up the stairs on top of it. In the front of the boat divers use the platform to jump into the water and at the sides they move down a lather to get up on the boat again after the dive. There is a toilet under deck and a shower with freshwater at the front side. You see – everything needed for a good dive is in place ;)

Today we had just one dive in the morning at ‘Endiri Tila’, about 50 mins by boat from Angaga island. This was the best dive we had so far. The reef is so beautiful – it’s unbelievable! Tons of glas-fish, a moray in every second hole, hunting tunas and bluefin-mackereles, lionfishs, anemones of fancy colors with clown-fish inside and best of all – no current. Today the water was crystal-clear at about 30°C. A perfect dive!

In the afternoon we took a break – just some snorkeling at the house-reef and relaxing. Because tomorrow we need power and also some luck at sharkewale-watching. Don’t forget to cross your fingers!

And here some eye-candy for you:




For the curious reader … the last picture is ‘Dori fish soup’ (powder blue tang). Have you ever seen such a big swarm? No? Me also not! Unbelievable …

Regards and sleep well,
Andrews >:o)

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