Angaga Experiment.Reloaded | Final


Today our last posting from Angaga Island. Diving is no option today because we have to keep a 24 hours break before we can go by plain :(

Anyways … here are the last impressions from Angaga’s beautiful house-reef:




Many thanks to all our readers who followed us up to now! We really hope you enjoyed the show and maybe you’ll find the time to join us again next year on this channel ;)

I’m going to create a holiday-summary about ‘The Angaga Experiment.Reloaded’, holding all the missing details, by the next days so stay tuned and drop in again next week!

Many thanks and Ciao from Angaga,
Yours Andrews >:o)


Angaga Experiment.Reloaded | day zero


We had so much fun @ Angaga last year so we decided to give this beautiful island a second try. And we’re happy to offer all our estimated readers of the opportunity to get some closer looks at this magic place with us. Be prepared to get daily impressions of Angaga over and under water for the next 14 days!

Every adventure¬† at Maldives starts at Male. From there you’ve to go by speed-boat or a seaplane to your target resort. In our case we went by plane straight to Angaga which took about 35 minutes.

On the way we passed a lot of small islands and atolls, some occupied others just big enough host some vegetation.


And finally we arrived at our spot – tired but happy :)


CU again tomorrow,
Yours Andrew >:o)