This time it’s my pleasure to present you Constantins october reader-contribution.
Let’s listen what he has to say:

P9020251-2-2“The steam train “Mocanita” is a very important tourist attraction in Romania, for those who visit the area located in northen Romania – called “Maramures” and can be found only there.
A round trip with this train lasts abt. 6 hours ( including a few stops in stations.


P9020253-2-3At the terminus station the tourists can eat, drink and dance. The speed of the train is maximum 20km/h, and this helps tourists-photographers. 
More information about this train can be found here:


Many thanks to Constantin and TGIF to all our readers,
Regards, Andrew >:o)

Free Lunch


I’m sure you know the famous saying “There’s no free lunch!” which seems to be not always the case. I snapped this smart little dude getting an extra bite at the open bird feeding place. It’s special in the way that this is a ‘great spotted woodpecker’ which I’ve never seen before using such an offer. As you see, also birdies get a more and more economic mindset ;)

Regards, Andrew >:)



I’ve been down during the last days by a cold combined with some kind of gastric flu – an unforgettable experience … take my word for it ;)

But I’m good again now so we took a walk to our zoo today and got big rewarded this time by getting a picture of an Urson. Over the last two years I couldn’t manage to catch sight of this cute animals – not just once. So enjoy Mr. Urson!

Regards and have a nice week,
Andrew >:)