Butterfly Stone Crop


Today a headshot of ‘Butterfly Stone Crop’ blossoms. This plant is called in Austria also ‘Fette Henne’. It’s rather modest and unremarkable green during the year, but at the end of summer it starts blooming and transforms from the ‘ugly duckling’ into a ‘white swan’!

By the way, it’s also very attractive to bees and butterflies. Today I counted 15 bees on just one plant ;)

Enjoy, Andrew >:o)

Back again :)


As you may noticed it got silent over the last four weeks on lensblues.com. I’ve been too busy walking the camera so I couldn’t get usable material. But the good news is – I’m back againĀ  ;)

Lets start with some more macro-work. I think I got a usable macro-setup including the Olympus flash now. I’ll do some more testing and will post the information here some time soon.

Enjoy it, Andrew >:)